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Moeder Aarde's dye-kitchen

It is not often that Moeder Aarde's dyeing pan is not on the cooker.

I dye with Sandolan, a so-called acid-dye. This is a synthetic dye.
It is advisable to take the amount of wool needed for a piece of work from one dye lot. There are small differences in colour in the different lots.

I also dye in rainbow colours to order, for example pre-felt, woven wool and other wool and silk fibers.

Also in this time and perhaps just in this time I can ship my own dyed wool, embroidery threads and other materials. At the moment this is also my only source of income, so I even like it more to do than usual.

For my English customers: Until now I can still ship by Deutsche Post. If the moment comes that this no longer works, I will ship over the Netherlands, but still calculate the German postage.

Für meine Deutsche Kunden: Bis jetzt kann ich auch noch immer über die Deutsche Post verschicken. Wenn der Moment kommt dass dass nicht mehr geht, werde ich über die Niederlande verschicken, aber trotzdem das Deutsche Porto rechnen.

How to order:
* Look wich materials in what color you would like to have. Scroll down, the colours have names.)
* Send me an email with your order and shipping adress:
* You got an invoice.
* As soon as the payment arrives I ship the package.

Für meine Deutsche Kunden: Ihr könnt mir in Deutsch schreiben und ich verschicke auch über Deutschland.





The following colours are available:

When you mouse-click on the photo's the name appears and the photo's enlarge.
Wool with more shine is the silk/wool blend, in which silk takes up dye in a different way than wool.
In addition to these standard baths often special baths arise by experimenting with rest-baths. These can only be viewed in the shop or when they are on the road with me.

Sunshine Flames Ruby Fire

Summer Louise Violet Aubergine

Fuchsia Magic Lime Rotraud

Forest Blue-green Ocean Blue Ocean

Petrol Denim Smoke


The Merino roving and Merino/silk roving is of a very good quality and seems to have less micron (18-19) than it officially has (20-21 micron).

Rainbow dyed:
50 grams Merino roving - 7,00
50 grams Merino 70% / Mulberry silk 30% - 8,25

50 grams Merino roving - 4,00
50 grams Merino (70%) / Mulberry silk (30%) - 5,50

Leicester longwool Natural and solids
50 grams - 3,50

Blueface Leicester Natural and solids
50 grams - 3,50

Silk shawls - Rainbow dyed
180 x 45 cm, pong or chiffon - 18,95

Throwsters waiste
10 grams - 3,75

10 grams - 1,50

Silkbouclette - thread God for felting-in
Application with embroidery.
Length: 5 meters - 2,50

Embroidery threads

Silk nopp Also good for felting-in
10 meters - 2,45

Silk splitthread - 7 threads
5 meters - 3,45

Silk perl Fine
10 meters - 2,35

Silk linen
10 meters - 2,25

15 meters - 2,65

On order:

Needle fleece - 1.80 meter wide
Per meter 24,00

Wool etamine - 1.40 meter wide
Per meter 22,00


Merino 70% / Mulberry silk 30%, white, is available in 10 kg. Ask for the kg price by email:

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