2019 - Januar - Atelier Heike Giesbert - Essen,D

Nicht alleine, auch nicht zu zweit - Viele Techniken ohne viel Handwerkzeug, ganz lehrreich, habe mich vol erholt - Froh dass ich mit aufgeraft hab. - Total gefallen, Kultur, heilsam schön, merke wie alleine man oft ist, viel gelernt - Sehr lehrreich, verschiedenheit - Erschöpft angekommen, erholt.


2018 - November - Filzrausch - Göttingen, D

Viel gelernt - Wunsch erfüllt - unvergesslich und nicht zu bezahlen - viele neue Ideen - ein super schönes Wochenende - Kopf voller Gedanken - Annemie, wie ihr filz, weich und fantasievoll.


2018 - November - International Feltmakers region 9

Inspiring, finisthing, very pleasant amzing workshop, great support - evrybody different pieces, I am really thankfull, patience expertise, educational inspirational, happy, thank you.
Don't matter how many workshops I do with you, still learning.
I feel very inspired, encouraged and challenged and stimulated.
Wanted to learn basic hat and I did, now I need a hat bloc.

titel nieuw plaatjes blok


2018 - November - Talk: The nomadic life and crafts of Kyrgyzstan

The Nomadic Life and Crafts of Kyrgyzstan
with Annemie Koenen

At our November meeting, we gave an enthusiastic welcome to Annemie Koenen as she gave her very interesting talk on ‘The Nomadic Life and Crafts of Kyrgyzstan’.

Annemie visited Kyrgyzstan, a rugged Central Asian country along the Silk Road, from 2005-2013, making several trips and clearly forming lasting bonds with the people of the area.

The families live a nomadic lifestyle and the felting produced has very practical purposes such as covering their yurts, making clothing and special carpets known as ‘shirdak’. But it was evidently clear from the videos, photographs and sound footage that felt making was more than just practical - it was a collaborative, communal event, with huge symbolism in the colours and stitches used to decorate the felted items. Village life is all about the care of their animals and, as Annemie said, “Without sheep there is no living”.

The talk was well received and many questions from the audience were asked which Annemie was happy to discuss. She had brought some beautiful, felted items that she had made based on her travels which were much admired.


2018 - November - Worcestershire Embroiderers Guild

Embroidered Felt Yurt Bags
with Annemie Koenen

Following on from her talk of the previous day, Annemie provided a brief introduction to the workshop. She explained that the day would be quite intense as there were a number of different techniques involved: Tsjirasj, chain stitch and Koboelian weaving.

The first decision was to choose our background felt from the colourful selection provided by Annemie, along with the lining that would be required later in the day. Then we moved on to the design of our pieces. Annemie provided some guidelines for developing our motifs, and her samples and books were available to provide plenty of inspiration. We marked the outline of our designs in running stitch. Then we gathered in a semi-circle around Annemie as she demonstrated the Tsjirasj, the braid-like stitch which forms the main design.

As all of our designs were different and provided different challenges (straight lines, curved lines, sharp corners etc.), Annemie gave varying amounts of individual time with each member, demonstrating the stitch again when asked. She also worked sections of the design for some. A few mastered the stitch quickly but most struggled. Unfortunately, although asked, she was not able to create a diagram of the stitch which could have helped those trying to master a stitch which proved to be very demanding.

Once we had finished the complex Tsjirasj design, we were able to follow on with the chain stitch outline to the braid which provided a welcome relief.

As the day progressed, Annemie moved on to explain how to add and quilt the lining and then finish the edges using Kaboelian weaving. This weaving technique can only be done by two people working together and emphasises the collaborative and collective nature of the work. Only two people had progressed enough to move on to this stage.

Annemie encouraged all to practise more to master the Tsjirasj as it does take a very long time.

SG and LE

2018 - November - International Feltmakers region 7

I did not know how far you can go with felting. Learned a lot. - Learned a lot of basics, specially round saucages, never used a resist like that. - A complete revelation, understand more of skill and works about shirdak. - Teamwork whole magical, loved the company of felters. I learned a lot, you are a wonderful tutor.


2018 - Oktober - International feltmaker North Ireland

Very good learning curve - kept quality - variety - transfer scales - you are the boss - love of the wool - keep working, bring it to full quality - learning skills to other things -good tutor

2018 - September - DFA, Baard, Friesland

2018 - September - Wollknoll, Oberrot, D

Turkmeense Techniek, Shirdak, geborduurde vilten tassen

Annemie ist ein Schatz - Viel gelernt - Unglaubliche Vielfalt - Wissensangebot - Selten soviel an Techniken gelernt - Sogar grundlagen noch mal - Gut gefallen - Gruppe super - Ruhe - So gut weitergeben, mit herz weitergeben.

titel nieuw plaatjes blok


2018 - September - Boxberg, D

Oppervlaktestrukturen met nuno, reliëf, lagen, 3-d en mogelijk borduren

2018 - Juni - Hof Kornrade - Hetzdorf, D

Oppervlaktestrukturen met nuno, reliëf, lagen, 3-d en mogelijk borduren

Alles ist möglich (Jules Verne) - du bist der Boss, nicht der Filz - alls braucht seine Zeit - geschmeidig - mehr Seife - walken, corrigieren - die Katze nicht vergessen - in die Tiefe gehen - mich selbst nicht unter Druck setsen


2018 - Mei - Ländliche Heimvolkshochschule Hohebuch - Waldenburg, D

Filzen: Bezaubernde Schmuckamulette

2018 - Mei - Filzoase - Wenen, Oostenrijk

Filzen in der Turkmenischen technic

2018 - Mei - Ländliche Heimvolkshochschule Hohebuch - Waldenburg, D

Aziatische technieken: Shirdak, Turkmeense techniek, Afghaanse geborduurde vilten tassen

2018 - Mei - Waldorfschule Pötzleinsdorf - Wenen, Oosternrijk

Miniatur-Tiere naß filzen

2018 - Mei - Filzoase - Wenen, Oostenrijk

Nass filzen - sculpturen

2018 - Maart - Lefil-Design - Bardowick

Fühl mich bereichert - Mann lernt nicht aus - Hat freude gemacht - Mache gerne einen guten Filz - Gut gemanaged, viel Leute - Viele verschiedene Sachen - Gut beraten, manchmal lieb streng - Klare Ansage - Richtschnur - Grosszügigkeit - Matschig (smeuïg) - Basiswissen dazu


2018 - March - Tylar Merrill - Eugene, Oregon, USA

I really apreciate how you worked us through, constructive nursery and helping.
Always fun with a bunch of felters, learned techniques with a lot of pretential.
Fine group, very encourcing teacher, smile inside.
Courage, not giving up, major highlight, fabulous, your knowledge so willing to share, priceless.
Really like your style, happy to make a finished hat.
I couldn't imagine that each piece is an art work. Pleased/enjoyed your teaching. Very generous with your knowledge.


2018 - March - Felter's Rendezvous - Colorado, USA

Great teacher, Grandmother to the world, learned evrything I wanted and more.
I came into Annemie's class not knowing what to expect. Through her disciplined teaching, I left with some wonderful skills 'under my belt'. Annemie's humor and gentle touch made this experience the best!!
Allowed more projects, nice, pretty, stunishing.
I really appreciated strickt sense of organisation of the time.
Helpful circulate round the room.
Keeping us on focus.
Happy finish project.

Loved it. Knowledgable teacher and communicated on each level. Help from the beginning to end. Never had the feeling that I have not enough experience.
I am a spunch. I am experienced and I learned a lot. New way is really apreciated.
Colour shade, like the product, see the endproduct, like the physical contact, colour is a great joy.
Surprise, like the process of felt, dept of colour, loved this class.
It was joyfull, I loved it evry second, no stress, was fun creativ, learned so much, generous instructor.

titel titel

2018 - Februari - Atelier Heike Giesbert - Essen, D

Zufriedenheit - Entspannung - Ruhe - Freiheit - Meditatief - Wellness - Ausszeit - Horizonterweiterung

2018 - Februari - Fibrart - Spanje

My time has been spent well, both on a professional level and on personal development. I got a different view of felting. Never had a workshop before.
I take with me your smile and your face and many things more important for me.
I came to make a quality product and go really into detail. I succeed. The charme of this course is your personallity, the soul you give further by loving quality felt.
Learned many different technics, very good teacher, happy to meet, will repeat.

2017 - Oktober - Ipswitch, UK

International Feltmakers region 7

2017 - Augustus - Filzcolleg - Filz-Netzwerk e.V.

Filzcolleg - Filz-Netzwerk e.V. - Düsseldorf, Garath

2017 - Augustus - Wollknoll, Oberrot

Turkmeense Techniek

2017 - Juli - Filzcolleg - Filz-Netzwerk e.V.

Felto - Filzwelt, Soltau, Duitsland

2017 - Juli - Hof Kornrade, Hetzdorf, Duitsland

2017 - Juni - Haupstadt filz, Berlijn, Duitsland

Supergut - in russich Krass - Entspannung - Zufrieden - Beëindruckend - Schön - Danke - Stolz - Fördernd - Mit Liebe und Geduld


2017 - Mei - Hohebuch, Waldenburg, Duitsland

2017 - Mei - Hohebuch, Waldenburg, Duitsland

2017 - Mei - Filzoase, Wenen

2017 - April - AGM International Feltmakers Association

Belsey Bridge, Ditchingham, Suffolk

2017 - Maart - Filzrausch, Göttingen - Duitsland

2017 - Februari - Atelier Heike Giesbert, Essen - Duitsland

2017 - Februari - DFA Baard

heel gul in informatie - lieverdjes - smeuiig - verassing - doorvilten - 'viel' Seife im Wasser - slapeloze nachten - geduld - regenboogwol - enthousiasme van docente - genieten - goede duidelijke uitleg - goede voorbereiding - inspirerend


2016 November - Berlijn

Eine wunderbare Erweiterung meiner Möglichkeiten erleuchtet - Ich hatte eine gute Erziehung - Immer wider gern - Beëindruckend - Sehr hilfreich preciese Schritte - Ein exclusiver faltenreicher Tag


2016 Oktober - IFA Region 7 Ipswitch

Love, patience and exhaustion! Learnt so much from you, it has been a priviledge. See you in the Netherlands. - Full of exciting colours and textures. Thank you, see you again!


2016 Oktober - IFA Region 1 Tiverton

I am still amazed how beautiful felt can be. Colour! - The workshop was an exciting mix of new ways to felt and embellish. Challenging, but fulfilling. - I think you did brilliantly working across 2 rooms and managed to give us all some time with great patience. - Open teaching style, happy to answer lots of questions and repeat! - I have found it helpful to be able to buy extra materials when needed, your dyed wools and silks are beautiful.


2016 Oktober - Felt in the factory

A lovely group, who made some very good felt. Huge diversity of subject, Annemie juggled everyones needs without stress. - Very inspiring teaching, done with great patience and kindness! - As always, learnt new skills, improved my felt making and met some lovely new people and a great welcome from Felt in the Factory.


2016 Oktober - IFA region 11 Lankaster group 2

Good introduction, known timescale helped me a lot. - A brilliant workshop! I learned lots of new techniques, tips and loved the colours and extra's brought by you. This workshop I have completed something that I really love. Thank you. - Excellent patient teaching, fantastic venue, lovely food and enjoyble compagny.


2016 Oktober - IFA Lankaster region 11 - group 1

More than expected. Made me do my best. Wow! - Inspiring! I have learned so much in 3 days - techniques and design ideas. Many thanks for your wonderful teaching. - A voyage of discovery. A kind and gentle guide. An amacing result.


2016 Juni - Dutch Felt Academy - Friesland

Gast docent Dutch Felt Academy

fascinerend - verassend - veel goede tips - praktisch - mooi - magie - saamhorigheid - vrolijk - liefdevol - vuur - toveren - kleuurrijk - met liefde en geduld


Mei 2016 - Ländliche Heimvolkshochschule Hohebuch - Duitsland

Filzen: Bezaubernde Schmuckamulette zum Muttertag

Mutter Erde, Seejungfrau, Schutzsymbole oder freie Formen werden aus Kammzug aufgebaut, gefilzt, modelliert, und mit changierende Garnen in Schmuckstichen bestickt. Als Brosche oder als Kette mit feiner handgeknüpfter Kordel: ein Hingucker!

Mei 2016 - Ländliche Heimvolkshochschule Hohebuch - Duitsland

Filzkunst aus Kirgistan und Turkmenistan

Moderne oder traditionelle Motive werden als Ornamente auf Filze in 2 Farben übertragen, ausgeschnitten, ineinander gefügt und mit handgefertigten Kordeln durch Aufnähen verbunden. Es entstehen wunderschöne Taschenklappen, Sitz- Kissen, etc. in der Shirdak –Technik.
In turmenischer Technik werden Filzschnüre zu Motiven gelegt, die Innenflächen mit Wolle ausgefüllt und gefilzt. Es entstehen einzigartige Taschen, Teppiche, etc., die mit Reliefstickerei verziert werden können.

April 2016 - Filzoase - Wenen - Oostenrijk

Oppervlaktestrukturen met nuno, reliëf, lagen, 3-d en mogelijk borduren

November 2015 - Berlijn, Duitsland

Oppervlaktestrukturen met nuno, reliëf, lagen, 3-d en mogelijk borduren

Oktober 2015 - IFA Region 10, UK

Oppervlaktestrukturen met nuno, reliëf, lagen, 3-d en mogelijk borduren
en boetseervilt

Oktober 2015 - IFA Region 11, UK

Oppervlaktestrukturen met nuno, reliëf, lagen, 3-d en mogelijk borduren

Oktober 2015 - Felt in the Factory - Herefordshire, UK

Oppervlaktestrukturen met nuno, reliëf, lagen, 3-d en mogelijk borduren

September 2015 - Filzoase - Wenen, Oostenrijk

Oppervlaktestrukturen met nuno, reliëf, lagen, 3-d en mogelijk borduren

Augustus 2015 - Filzfestival Berlijn, Duitsland

Tapijt in Turkmeensen techniek

Mei 2015 Hohebuch

www.hohebuch.de - Beate Hufeisen

Super - sehr schön - harmonisch - entspannent - lustig - wunderschön - inspirierend - zufrieden - glücklich - erholsam - ruhe für die Seele - wohltuend - anregend - ideenreich - mit Liebe und Geduld - alles zusammen


Gut gefallen, zu kurz, total schön - viele Impulse, heim weiter, gute basis, appetit angeregt - wider gut gefallen, wunderbar - komme nächstes Mahl wider - entspannt von der Seele, nie gedacht zu sticken - super gut, ruhe auftanken - ganz toll, "boss" - fachlich, harmonisch, feinfühlig - toll, rundum toll, neue Technieken, schön.

Tasche von Ilka Lehmann

2015 Februari - Gast docent Dutch Felt Academy

Baard, Friesland, Nederland - www.dutchfeltacademy.com

meer - inspiratie - warm - meer - veel geleerd - meer - moeder aarde

2014 November - Berlijn

www.arachnespitzenfilz.de - Sabine Reichert

Zufrieden erschöpt - Angefüllt, glücklich, zufrieden - Inspiriert - Danke Annemie schön - Geduld, klare Erklärungen, liebe - viel gelenrnt - glücklich - in mir leuchtet rot - erstaunen mit gute lehrerin - gelernt was ich wollte


2014 Oktober - Workshops UK

Handpop schaap van Hazel Mijn huisje op wielen redde het niet. Margaret, Lynn, Emma, Iris Mary Burkett - Isle Hall
Weer thuis van een heerlijke reis naar Engeland met 4 workshops en fijne vrije dagen.
In de workshops beginnen mensen eraan te wennen dat er een breed aanbod is waarbij niet iedereen hetzelfde hoeft te doen en er op eigen niveau gewerkt kan worden.
Thelma zegt: 'Ik ben de vierde keer in je workshop maar heb niet het gevoel dat ik niets meer van je kan leren.' en Jill vond: 'Away beyond the call is duty.'
En hoewel ik het al wist, was het deze keer zo duidelijk hoeveel dieper je op de materie kunt ingaan in een 3-daagse workshop i.p.v. een 2-daagse.
Sheila nam me mee naar Isle Hall waar Mary Burkett midden in haar feesten zat voor haar 90ste verjaardag. Nina en Nigel verwelkomden me hartelijk in Felt in the factory waar volgend jaar een van de workshops zal zijn. Karin beleefde avonturen met me toen ons huisje met wielen de geest gaf en hielp om alles te regelen met de garage. Grahams in South Molton repareerde mijn bus erg goed met veel liefde en de ANWB zorgde ervoor dat alles verder zonder onderbrekingen door kon gaan. Doordat ik op het einde terug moest naar Devon om de auto weer op te halen, kon ik ook nog een bezoek brengen aan Melanie.
Wederom een heerlijke tijd!
Dank jullie wel allemaal en tot volgend jaar weer in oktober!

Oppervlaktestructuren - South Molton - IFA region 1


Tas met shiboritechnieken in vilt - Bishampton - IFA region 9


Bezoek aan Mary Burkett en Isle Hall met Sheila Smith

De tuin van Isle Hall Mary en Sheila Sheila en ik Mary en ik

Boetseervilt - Yorkshire - IFA region 10


Oppervlaktestructuren - Skeeby residential - IFA region 10

Jill Lauriston

naar boven naar boven